Young people and politics: Off-line social actions and digital activism

Jessica Di Paolo on the “Digital Activism” session from Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March. Speakers: Bart Cammaerts (chair), Laura Townshend, Michael Sani and  Will Moy 

Engaging young people and making them more enthusiastic about politics has been one of the main topics discussed during #GE2015. The lack of confidence in politicians and the general apathy towards UK politics have led to the rise of interactive tools that aim at making politics more appealing an connected with the real needs and voices of younger citizens.

During the panel ‘Digital activism and information project’ at the LSE Polis conference, Michael Sani, Laura Townshend and Will Moy outlined both offline strategies and digital projects to inspire young voters to participate in the political process.

What I found interesting is the idea of combining social platforms with offline social actions. As pointed out by Michael Sani – co-founder of Bite The Ballot – the internet can be a powerful tool to encourage citizens to participate but, at the same time, there remains the need for offline social actions.

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