Past Conferences

The upcoming 2016 Polis Journalism Conference is the 7th annual conference. For more information on past conferences including past programmes, speakers, interviews, photos and videos, visit the following links.

polis conference 2015

2015: Journalism and Elections

The sixth Polis Journalism Conference focused on media, journalism and elections. Speakers included Andrew Marr, Adam Boulton, Mary Ann Sieghart, Helen Lewis, Isabel Hardman and Rafael Behr along with 50 others from across the media sector including BBC, Sky, The Times, New Statesman, Guardian, YouGov, Twitter, Vice, Buzzfeed and 38 Degrees.

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2013: Trust

Debates on the issue of trust, featuring keynote speaker Nick Davies from the Guardian on how he broke the phone-hacking scandal that led to the Leveson inquiry.

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2012: Reporting the World

Here in the UK, journalism itself has also become the story. What kind of journalism will we need to meet the challenges of an uncertain, complex world?

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2011: Media and Power

WikiLeaks has taken on the most powerful government on the planet, while a mix of social media and broadcast news has helped fan the flames of revolution across the Middle East. What is the role of journalism in politics?

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2010: The Value of Networked Journalism

The British General Election of 2010 has made it absolutely clear that networked journalism has arrived. The journalism about the campaign, the result and its consequences has been a remarkable combination of online and mainstream media. The Internet did not just add to the coverage, it changed it.

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